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2018 NREL PV Reliability Workshop (PVRW)

Our 1st place award-winning poster: PV Module Surface Soiling Research Studies in Brasil was presented at the 2018 NREL PV Reliability Workshop. Download a .pdf of the poster below:

Open Poster


Paper at NREL Reliability Workshop Wins 1st Place Poster Award

2017 PV Reliability Workshop (PVRW) Hosted by NREL

NREL Hosts an annual Photovoltaic Reliability Workshop (PVRW) so that solar technology experts can share information leading to the improvement of PV module reliability. Such improvement reduces the cost of solar electricity and promotes investor confidence in the technology--both critical goals for moving PV technologies deeper into the electricity marketplace.

PVReliability.org presented at the workshop and our Poster is available for download here:

Open Poster

For those interested, access to the posters and presentations can be gained through the Workshop site at: https://www.nrel.gov/pv/pvmrw.html

GREEN U.S. Thanksgiving Celebration

GREEN Group celebrating U.S. Thanksgiving (with a special luncheon feast!) during the visit of the US-PVE for the commissioning of the soiling monitoring stations for the CAPES program (Nov. 26, 2016).

Thin-Film Soiling Monitoring Station Commissioned at PUC

Researchers initiating the first thin-film soiling monitoring station at PUC, with two First Solar CdTe thin-film modules and Atonometrics monitoring electronics. Thin-Film and crystalline-Si stations will be deployed at each of 5 climate zone sites in Brasil.


Photos from VI CBENS, Belo Horizonte, 4-7 April, 2016

These are some photos of our group participating in the VI Congresso Brasileiro de Energia Solar (VI CBENS) in April. We presented 3 technical papers as part of our CAPES project at this solar conference.


Our Group! From left to right: Lucas, Daniel, Suellen, Antonia Sonia, Erica, Kaz, Vitor, and Amanda


Suellen C.S. Costa concluding her presentation


Suellen and Lauro after her talk


Pedro Brito and his Session Chair, Professora Izete Moehlecke (PUC-RG)


Paper at NREL Reliability Workshop in Golden, Colorado, February 23-25 2016, Wins 1st Place Poster Award

Our poster was presented as part of the annual NREL Reliability Workshop in Golden, Colorado. The poster-paper is entitled "Surface Soiling and Related Reliability Studies in Brasil: Program and Progress," and the proceedings will be found on the NREL-hosted website: http://www.nrel.gov/pv/performance_reliability/pvmrw.html. A .pdf of our poster is included below--as well as a copy of the 1st Place Poster Award Certificate.

Open Poster