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CINEMA Workshop

Recife, Brasil, March 16-17 2015

cinema workshop


This was the kickoff for the Consortium for Innovation on Nanotechnology, Energy, and Materials (Consórcio para Inovação em Nanotecnologia, Energia e Materiais) - CINEMA - a new US-Brasil collaboration to foster state-of-the-art research on renewable energy of joint interest to both countries. One of the purposes of the workshop will be to have a representative of each partner institution present potential CINEMA research to inform the consortium about the type of initial projects that CINEMA will support, and to foster joint collaboration between researchers in the US and Brasil. This was an opportunity for Research Mentors to meet with potential CINEMA Fellows.

Also this event will act as a forum to inform interested post-docs about this newly innovated program. L.L. Kazmerski provided an overview and summary of this PV reliability project and its development and funding process. CINEMA and this project are both funded through MCTI and Ciencia sem Fronteiras--and have some common interests and research investments. CAPES, CNPq, RASEI at the University of Colorado, and NREL are partners in this venture (see http://sciencepolicy.colorado.edu/cinema/) as they are with this current project. A description of the workshop can be found on http://www.eventick.com.br/workshop-cinema-consorcio-inov.